Meet the duo behind Budget Meal Planner; best friends Dianna and Ally. Dianna focuses on curating perfect budget meal plans and recipes, while Ally shares all the best money-savings tips!

Dianna from Budget Meal Planner

Dianna Allen

Founder of Budget Meal Planner

Location: St. Louis, MO., USA​

Meal you could eat every day: Steak burrito bowl​

Favorite dessert: Strawberries and whipped cream​

Tea or coffee: Coffee​

Zodiac sign: Taurus

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Ally from Budget Meal Planner

Ally Fir

Editorial Assistant

Location: Toronto, Canada

Describe yourself: Travel bug, creative, hardworking​

Meal you could eat every day: Macaroni and cheese​

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake​

Tea or coffee: Tea​

Zodiac sign: Aquarius