Budget Meal Planner began as a newsletter in March 2019. Within only a few months, it has now transitioned into a website. Its viewership is mainly based in the United States, but also attracts a notable amount of readers located in Europe.

I’ve always struggled with inspiration for new dishes, and usually end up cooking the same 3 things always. Budget Meal Planner keeps giving me new affordable and healthy inspiration, and I wouldn’t be without it.

Lasse, England

As a college student, there are a few things that are absolutely essential when it comes to food – affordability, efficiency and taste. Before Budget Meal Planner, I always thought I’d have to give up 1 of the 3. With this blog, I’ve been able to streamline my meals for the entire week. I do all the shopping and cooking on a Sunday, which usually takes about 5 hours, and I have tasty meals for the whole week.

Zach, United States

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