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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some questions that we get asked all the time. Make sure to browse this page before submitting a message to us, it may have been already answered!


One of our principles here at Budget Meal Planner is to provide a safe-zone for everyone, regardless what your goal is. For some this is saving money, for others this is following a meal plan. We do not know your story and we understand that nutritional information, such as calories, can be incredibly triggering for those recovering from eating disorders.

However, we will include nutritional information for our specialty lifestyle memberships. This feature isn’t available at the moment, but we will be offering Keto meal plans and recipes in the near future. Following Keto will be the Whole30 lifestyle.

The prices we choose to display are from Tesco’s website. This is because our founder, Dianna, has spent enough time in England and Sweden to understand general European grocery prices. And with her being American, she feels that prices in the states are actually slightly lower. Therefore, stating Tesco’s prices is not only accurate for Europeans, but Americans will most likely save a tiny bit!

We strive for our meal plans to fall within the budget of eating for $5 a day and our individual recipes to never exceed $3 per serving. However, we understand prices may fluctuate depending where you live. Therefore, we define budget being anywhere from eating for $4 to $7 a day.

Meal Plans

We do post the past issues here on Budget Meal Planner, but realize not all of them are available to access yet. We are working diligently and as quick as we can to get them all posted here. There’s quite a lot of tasks that come with managing a blog, and this is one of the most time consuming. We hope you understand and are patient with us.

Each meal plan is based on 1 person, simply multiple the amount by the number of people eating to ensure you have the correct amount of ingredients.

We consider all suggestions that are given to us, however, the ultimate decision of the meal plan themes are given to our Patrons. They give us the highest support and in return we let them have the final say of which content they’d like to see on Budget Meal Planner.